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Kepp fighting the bulge

I’m down 40lbs in 65 days! It’s been the easiest I have ever lost weight in my life !! I feel 15 years younger!

Amazing results with TrucomboMichele Marie says:

It’s worked for me down 58lbs and have maintained for the last 3 months without effort.

Getting off medications

Krstle says~ Man with so many health issues…..

This is my husband of 17 yrs,Mark. Since ’04 he has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, high bp, cholesterol triglycerides, diabetes, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease and more. He has a pacemaker with defibrillator. He has weighed from 299-310 since ’07. He had been taking 8 meds in morning & 5 nightly. He had started taking tru trial pack to get off some of his meds he is tired of taking so many. At end of his trial pack he had lost 21lbs(some water – some fat) and a few inches off his waist and was cut down to half his bp and diabetic med dose, at end second wk he had lost few more inches off his waist and taken off his bp and diabetic meds. He is at the end of his 4th wk and feeling healthier than ever. Now he is taking TruVision every month to actually get healthier and said the weight loss is just an extra benefit, inches just falling off!!!

50 pounds gone

51 pounds now. It sure is great to get my life back. Fibro, RA, thyroid and lymes all so much better for me.