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Truvision Health Testimonies is all about amazing, inspiring testimonies that give others hope. I want to help lead you to a better way of living with the assistance of our Truvision Health products.

This man is truly a strong man


Lee has lost 130 pounds in 7 months….. His beginning weight was 760 pounds and at the doctors in Jan 2016 he weighed at 628.8 pounds. He also shares with us. That Truvision had helped save his life. Amazing story. WE ARE CHANGING LIVES!!! WE RE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!! WE ARE HELPING PEOPLE GET HEALTHIER!
Lee shares: “my grandfather who is also my pastor always said with a little pressure applied at the right moment in the right spot will result in a great turn of events. It’s not a overnight result but hang in there. It is worth the ride.”

Jen and her husband got thumbs up from Dr.

Jeannette P

I have done a lot of the different diet programs out there. I started using TruVision products last October. My first month l only lost about 6 pounds. Needless to say I wasn’t so thrilled, I was hoping for more. I kept going. By the time I was into the third month, family members were beginning to notice that I was changing. My body was changing in shape and size, even thought it didn’t show very much on the scales. After the first of the new year I started seeing some weight loss changes. It took me 9 months to lose 42 lbs and go from a women’s 20 to a misses 14-16. I didn’t realize how these two pills work. I got hung up on the scales, now I know there are so many other ways to know TruVision is working

I went to my eye doctor today for an eye exam. I haven’t had an eye exam for two years and I knew I also needed new glasses. After we were finished he told me I didn’t need my new glasses as strong as I am wearing now. I looked at Charles and said the TruVision must be helping me too. I have been in glasses since I was 12 years old. All I have heard is they need to be a little stronger or no change. To hear that I don’t need them as strong as they are now is fantastic news for me. We went on to explain to the doctor how Charles is a diabetic. A year ago he saw his eye doctor and when he went back this year, his doctor kept reading his charts and looking in his eyes. Finally he said I can’t explain it but but the hemorrhaging we saw last year at this time is completely gone. He went on to say he was expecting it to be worse. The only thing we are doing differently is taking TruVision TruFix and TruWeight and Energy. For us this only another positive benefit from taking TruVision. I gave my eye doctor one of my business cards and explained how these two pills worked and why I feel that they are what is helping me and my husband. As he was leaving he took my card and said he would check it out. So I planted another seed today by sharing what I feel was helping me and my husband with our eyesight.

Tammy had amazing results with Truvision


Tammy’s This is my updated testimony:

I suffer from graves disease (no thyroid), I had a total thyroidectomy in 2004 and an orbital decompression in 2006. When I first started my journey on Dave Brown’s formula, I was on the border line of being 300 pounds, in a size 26/28 and I had to lay down to zip those. Not sure that a lot of you understand, but graves disease is very debilitating and you suffer from major fatigue and depression and you are pretty much couch bound. When I started my journey, I can tell you I was ready to die, I say this because I was so depressed and I hurt all the time, I did not want to go on living life. I felt as though I was a huge burden to my family and I didn’t want them to have to take care of me. It was hard for me to leave the house because, if I were to catch a cold from someone in the public, it would absolutely put a huge strain on my immune system and it would take me twice the normal time of a “healthy person” to get well. I am a very independent person, since taking Mr. Browns formula, I have lost right at 45 pounds and I have dropped down to a size 18/20 and a 1X to 2x shirt depending on how the shirt is made.

I must tell you however, if I never lose another pound what this product has done for me, I feel alive again, I have a ton of energy, I sleep better, and I can do things that I could not do. I use to get so out of breath just walking up 2 flights of stairs at the movie theater and I would cry when I sat down. I can walk a good 2-4 miles per day when I am at my best, while everyday is not my very best, I no longer suffer from depression and major fatigue. I actually went zip lining in Costa Rica while I was recently there and let me tell you, although it was still tough to climb the mountain, I forced myself to get out of my comfort zone and my fear of heights and I done it. So, I say this to my fellow thyroid sufferers or anyone that struggles, Please give this product a try! It’s only $25 to try it and you will forever change your life and your health!

Don’t waste another day thinking what if it will change my life? Just DO IT!

P.S. I have to tell you about the other products I take, Truslumber helps me get a wonderful nights rest, and I could absolutely not live without the TruDefense to keep my immune system in check!

Kepp fighting the bulge

I’m down 40lbs in 65 days! It’s been the easiest I have ever lost weight in my life !! I feel 15 years younger!

Reachwed 300 poundsKim lovws her new life








Love From a Husbands Eye’s

Wow Where to start? Let’s start in 2012 that’s a good place .The summer of that year my wife had reached a new high 300 pounds, not something she was proud of and not where we wanted her to be. Just another one of those couples, heavy wife and skinny husband. There we were at Tallulah Gorge in north Georgia with the kids, our daughter 12 years old and son 9 years old. We were going to walk up the steps there to see the water fall. It was a hot summer day in Georgia. So we knew we would need to take our time. We parked and started walking across the parking lot. Mind you Kim has fibromyalgia so when she gets out of the car it takes a few minutes for her to be able to walk. We were heading across the parking lot and she was already sweating. This lot is like an amusement parking lot. We made it to the base of the walk and Kim was completely out of breath she sat on a bench and had turned red all over could not catch her breath and said she was hurting all over. That was my moment that is when I looked at my wife and thought Oh my, she is going to have a heart attack. The red beat face, the swollen legs that showed no ankle, her arms bigger than my legs. What happened, in just a few short years her health had completely been destroyed? I had to walk away for a moment because she began to cry. We both knew if we did not get her some help that she would not be around to see her kids as adults. When you truly love someone you don’t see the outside like others do. That was my fault I should have paid better attention. I should have seen this coming. After we got her some water and cooled her off I walked and got the car, you see the kids had decided if mom could not go to the top then they would wait till the day she could to go. We helped her in the car and not much was said on the way home. I could tell Kim was scared and hurt. I could only imagine what could be going thru her mind at this point. Over the next year we looked and tried every diet you could think of. I heard my wife say things like I failed as a mom and wife why are you still with me and I wish I could just go to sleep and never wake up. I love my Wife with all my heart and there is nothing I would not do for her. Leaving was never an option but what was an option was finding the solution to this thing called obesity. Her fibromyalgia was getting worse, blood clots set into her legs another hard time for our family. To watch her have to raise her shirt 3 times a day or more and give herself a shot of blood thinner on her bruised belly week after week. It had gotten to where she could not work anymore; her bipolar disorder was causing her to feel like everyone was against her. We believe in God and many nights I found myself praying to God just give her some relief something to make the pain go away. We found a product that helped for a while it gave her hope, then it changed and the weight started piling back on. The pain was coming back, now what do we do? She had lost about 30 pounds but 10 or so had come back. Fast forward to late August 2014 a friend of mine had seen a product that was doing great things for people. Naturally I wanted to know more. By now we had spent 1000s of dollars on everything Wal-Mart and GNC had to try. He said that its call Truvision and its changing people’s lives. I ordered a 7 day and let her give it a try. WOW this is amazing day one and we are not hungry she was having a good day so we got some work done around the house. On day 4 she said she would like to stay on this for a month and see how it does. I told her good because I signed up today to be a associate. Our monthly pack will be here soon. It took about 3 weeks for her to see weight to come off but before then she had energy and her pain was going away. I saw something I have not seen in years HOPE in her eyes. Now like I told you the kids had been waiting to go do outdoor activities with my wife. Heck we went to Six Flags back in 2013 so the kids could have some fun but Kim could not fit on most the rides and she wore out halfway thru the day. September 2014 went well on Truvision and about 20 pounds were gone but even better she had dropped 4 pants sizes. So for a celebration we went back to Six Flags and road every ride in the park. She stayed till the park closed. The weight kept falling off and by December the family got to see what is becoming the new Kim with that most beautiful smile that lights up the room long before she enters. Here we are in January of 2015 and 49 pounds gone on Truvision and 80 pounds in all. She is down almost 10 pants sizes now and any day will hit that 50 pounds down mark. I am so proud of Kim and all she has accomplished NO MORE PAIN MEDS, LOWERED BIPOLAR MEDS AND NO MORE FIBROMYALGA PAIN. Best of all is she has her smile back .Kim and the Kids with a group of us climbed Stone Mountain in October of 2014. What a huge deal, you see it had been 25 years since she reached the top , Watching my now teenage daughter choke back the tears at the top knowing she now has her mommy back was a moment I will never forget. As for those stairs leading to the top of the falls stay tuned this summer we have plans for them too. To my beautiful wife YOU are a success story YOU beat the odds and conquered what very few have been able to. YOU are my HERO, my best friend and I am inspired by what you have overcome. Thank you Truvision for the products that gave this family HOPE, after all that’s all someone needs is just a little HOPE….

frances1Look at that body








Frances says it is so very easy to lose this weight I was caring around for years on my body… I tried almost everything and nothing really worked or it was something that I had to exercise with.. I DO NOT EXERCISE, I CAN’T, I HAVE A BAD BACK… I also love to eat… So when I heard about TruVision Health.. of course I was thinking ..Oh here is another one of those miracle weight loss things… But something inside me say….”TRY THIS ONE”.. so I did and I thank God I did… I am now 50 POUNDS lighter, much Healthier than I have been in years.. No more Diabetic Meds, No more High Blood Pressure meds, No more Cholesterol Meds… No more of any medications that cause more damage than what they are trying to cover up… My body is so clean of all that and I feel wonderful.. I just turned 67 Years old a month ago and I fell Fantastic and full of Life… TruVision Health really helped me get healthier is so many ways.. I not only look better, I feel better, and I AM better…I caught the Vision that TruVision Health is doing for others to help them get healthier in so many ways… I am so proud I listened to my inner self (God telling me) to try it.. I am proud and want to help others get healthier too… that is why I am a member of TruVision Health Team and I am selling the product because IT REALLY DOES WORK… I AM PROOF OF IT….. Start your journey and catch the Vision to a healthier you… I am here to answer any questions.. what a transformation in just 4 months.. Yes, 4 months and 50 pounds gone and I am healthier than ever..

No more tight jeans

James Freeman is one dedicated man on a mission. Well today has been one month of being faithful on truvision. Taking it right and with no exercise to this point. I’m happy to report I have lost 41 lbs and 42 total inches. Also my muscles are tightening up and strength is increasing my blood pressure has dropped, my heart rate has dropped, my breathing has not been this good in years, my energy level is out of the park, my circulation has been correcting, my cravings and soda addiction is gone. If your not on truvision you should be my intake of food has been reduced.

Dedicated to make a change

Kristen is doing great on TVH, she has more energy and says healthy feels much better than sick. Way to go Kristen,She says commitment is key.

Amazing results with TrucomboMichele Marie says:

It’s worked for me down 58lbs and have maintained for the last 3 months without effort.

Getting off medications

Krstle says~ Man with so many health issues…..

This is my husband of 17 yrs,Mark. Since ’04 he has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, high bp, cholesterol triglycerides, diabetes, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease and more. He has a pacemaker with defibrillator. He has weighed from 299-310 since ’07. He had been taking 8 meds in morning & 5 nightly. He had started taking tru trial pack to get off some of his meds he is tired of taking so many. At end of his trial pack he had lost 21lbs(some water – some fat) and a few inches off his waist and was cut down to half his bp and diabetic med dose, at end second wk he had lost few more inches off his waist and taken off his bp and diabetic meds. He is at the end of his 4th wk and feeling healthier than ever. Now he is taking TruVision every month to actually get healthier and said the weight loss is just an extra benefit, inches just falling off!!!

50 pounds gone

51 pounds now. It sure is great to get my life back. Fibro, RA, thyroid and lymes all so much better for me.

Inches fall off with TruAmy says: Love this !!!!! I just got asked if I work out because my stomach is becoming muscular, I can’t exercise do to psoriatic arthritis in low back, but I’ve been on the tru combo since the end of November. It seemed as if I was staying the same weight for the past 2 months but that was okay with me as I know this product will work and I love it for more than just the weight loss. I did take advantage of the window that allowed me to eat CLEANER foods, less saturated fats and I switched to low calories snack because Truvision this will do the trick BY ITSELF but I wanted faster results and I wanted to work with the product and listen to it as it speaks to your body when you listen. I quit craving sugar and fast foods I did not force my body to eat junk like I used to because with your blood sugar remaining at a balanced level , the sugar cravings stay at bay. I just to decided to give my testimony on here because I even gained a few lbs after my initial loss of 27 but my body had replaced the fat in my stomach and legs into muscle, So don’t be scale obsessed, if you are feeling less cravings and more energy it will happen, do not give up…..keep going. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.



I bought a smaller dress.Pictures don't lie










Haley said
So I took some before pics and some at around 5 weeks. I didn’t think I was having results but it seems I actually am! I am slowly but surely losing the fat off my tummy! The last is a pictures 6.5 weeks in, trying on a new dress in a smaller size! Yay for TruVision a product that does work!!!

Beth has done it with Trucombo
Beth tells her story :
“If you’ve never had to give yourself a shot, it really stinks. Ive suffered from ‪#‎migraines‬ since i was a kid. But as I’ve aged, they’ve gotten increasingly severe. Often they would be so bad, that i couldn’t bring myself to move for a couple of days at a time, because every footstep, every noise, or bright light just caused me an extreme amount of ‪#‎pain‬. Last summer, the migraines had become so severe that after several ER visits, where my vision was distorted, I had to start doing epi-style injections in the thigh. You have to jab it in to your thigh. Holy Moly, they hurt really bad. Well, id scream out so bad when I did them, that my husband would have to leave the room when I did them because he couldn’t stand to hear me in pain. I started TV in September, and only 4 weeks in, I no longer needed the injections. No more stabbing myself in the leg, sometimes twice a week. Now, that, my friends is a victory!

Ive also struggled with my ‪#‎glucose‬ since i was a kid. As a child I was ‪#‎hypoglycemic‬. When pregnant, i had gestational ‪#‎diabetes‬. Thats not fun, giving yourselves shots in a big o pregnant belly! And several years ago, I became pre ‪#‎diabetic‬. I knew i had issues with my sugar and food, as i would have symptoms often when My blood sugar was too high. After seeing a consultant, i tried to monitor my foods to regulate my blood sugar, but I just didn’t have the discipline. I couldn’t seem to control it. And generally, i felt like crud. The very first week on TV I could tell my sugar and white starch cravings were more controlled. It gave me willpower! And I felt great about that. It was a tool that gave me just enough power over my old ‪#‎cravings‬ and poor eating habits. After two months on TV i became ‪#‎metformin‬ free. The health benefits of this product are just as important to me, as my 14 lb weight loss. I am definitely a TV believer. You would be too, if you tried!” ~Beth

LOTS of inches lost!!!
Update on Melissa’s progress! Down a total of 21 pounds and so many inches I’ve lost count!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my TruVision!!! Consistency pays off!!!! Went from a size 10 to a juniors 7/8. LOTS of inches lost!!! Tru works from the inside out.